Kingdom 90 Day  Business Planning ,Prayer And Pivot Day is your chance to step out of the business and get focused. We will specifically prepare plans in the context of the COVID-19 Virus  and share a checklist and discuss options for you , your business and your Community. We’ll work with you to map out a winning game plan for the next 90 days. And your plan will be based on you God -inspired vision and  Christian values.

With proven strategies and expert training, you will learn  proven strategies to increase profits, work fewer hours and build a winning team. Then, you can adapt  to get your team  working for you.  You will walk away with a clear and succinct week by week action plan to show you exactly what  you need to  do and when you need to do it.

Make your next 90 days in business your best ever and boost  your success for  2020!

What makes this event unique ?
1. Based on Christian values
2. Includes a personal Spiritual MOT with reflection and action points for you to take forwards
3. Sharing with other business owners your hope, fears, challenges and wins in a SAFE and SUPPORTIVE environment
4. Your goals will be prayed over across the following 90 days by our Intercessors
5. You will have a written plan to put you way ahead of your competitors with focus, clarity and determination to succeed
By attending you will
1. Build your 90-day plan for your business success
2. Learn to execute practical strategies to achieve your goals
3. Get energy, focus and vision for your business
4. Create a practical framework for achieving  results in your business over the next 90 days
Listen to Andrew’s Interview with Premier Christian Radio discussing K90 Days :

Friday 15th January

from £100+VAT

First Time Attendees K90 D : Testimonial  from Felicity Gunn (Paths to Learning) And Roxy Claxton (Vocal Rose Coaching )K90 Day, Oxford group via Zoom Friday 15th May 2020


Felicity’s Feedback:

This was a tremendous time. Thank you, everyone. I have enjoyed reading all the WhatsApp messages. I hope you will not mind that I have not added any contribution but I had booked myself up quite heavily! The virtual summit is less than a month away and I am running it on my own, except for the invaluable support of James, on the ground. I have ten talks recorded and another tomorrow. I need to clinch three more speakers.It is wonderful to know that we are so supported in prayer. I feel almost as though I am on a Magic Carpet. I am in a place of flow, which I have experienced about four times in my life.

  • What is your overall view of the day? I enjoyed the content, pace and fellowship
  • What was particularly good about it? the Goal setting, broken down into bite-size pieces
  • What could be improved? having a glossary of all the acronyms
  • What did you think about the process? Genius
  • Which parts were most helpful? the Excel Spread Sheets
  • What else would you like to say about the session and the Kingdom 90-day planning program in general? Thank you for your generosity and time and kindness

Roxy’s Feedback:

  • What is your overall view of the day? Outstanding, the first time I’ve really been given a chance to learn what they teach you at Business School but minus the massive debt.
  • What was particularly good about it? The step by step process of learning and development, the knowledge that you have to understand ‘it all’ to start making significant progress. Above all place God at the center of the business he’s given each of us in the first place seems really obvious but being instructed to do so through prior preparation, refocus, and prayer has made the biggest difference.
  • What could be improved? I think definitely a bespoke plan for sole traders, a prior questionnaire of what business experience you have, where you feel your at in terms of knowledge could be a way to pinpoint fast objectives for catching participants upon business terms and processes.
  • What did you think about the process? Brilliant, truly well-honed, and professional, the structure and Andrews’s delivery creates an immediate sense of safety and openness which in turn creates trust between the participants and towards Andrew as a coach.
  • Which parts were most helpful? The workbook, the prayers, promises, and excel planning sheets. Being part of the K90 community, for the first time I feel I have Christian colleagues who are committed to serving God with their businesses and this helps to feel less alone as a sole trader.
  • What else would you like to say about the session and the Kingdom 90-day planning program in general? There is no reason why in time this could not be adopted by every church in the UK and internationally as much as the STEPS program or Alpha. MORE programs like what Andrew has created will go far to strategically build God’s kingdom which no doubt will hugely impact the economy and people’s lives. I just want to say thank you!