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Online LinkedIN Training Courses

Our LinkedIn For Business Course Covers 3 Modules

We recognise that every business is different and will be at different levels of skill set. For that reason we have split our LinkedIn training into 3 levels as shown below: –

  • LinkedIn Level 1

    LinkedIn Level 1 This level is all about optimising your profile, groups and business pages so that you are ready to be found, giving your viewer the best experience. We cover topics such as creating an all star profile, optimizing headlines and adding key files. Main Learning’s Covered: LinkedIn profile overview, the profile as a foundation, the importance of a full profile, saving LinkedIn profiles, archiving data & exporting connections, creating a custom URL, optimising your headline, optimising your summary, optimising your skills and optimising your recommendations.

  • LinkedIn Level 2

    We cover nurturing, engagement & relationship building in level 2. You will learn key skills such building key groups, how to use discussions and engagement to bring key opportunities, understanding your profile and how to source new connections. Main Learning’s Covered: Understanding your LinkedIn network, how to market to 2nd degree connections, joining relevant groups on LinkedIn, getting involved with discussions, taking LinkedIn discussions further, setting up your own LinkedIn group, your logo, summary & description, group settings, understanding your profile visibility, who’s viewed your profile & why its very important, engagement tips & tricks, gaining endorsements & recommendations, interacting with your current contacts, checking out your network, sharing & tagging, sourcing ideal prospects, connecting to hot prospects and using the LinkedIn messaging service.

  • Linked In Level 3

    Learn what you need to know about marketing and advertising on LinkedIn in this final level. Here we will show you how best to build a community that will want to hear from you. Main Learning’s Covered: Getting started with your LinkedIn group, how to market strategically to your 2nd degree connections, getting involved in LinkedIn discussions, inviting existing connections to your group, inviting new connections to your group, growing your group, creating group content, marketing to your group, the announcement feature, sharing LinkedIn articles, introduction to LinkedIn broadcast tools, using LinkedIn articles, making your posts stand out, using company pages, setting up company pages, your descriptions, images, LinkedIn advertising and the different types, narrowing down your target audience, targeting options, delivery, bidding & payments, testing & measuring, sponsored updates, lead generation adverts, inmail and conversion tracking.

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