Formula for Life Success:

Be * Do = Have 

Jim Rohn : Work harder on your self than you d on your business

Your Identity Iceberg:

You will only behave and get results based on your current level of identity. YOU can choose to grow your identity as follows:

Skills: Can be learnt, takes focus,time and habits

Beliefs: These are our ”on”/”off” switches …the good news is that they can be changed

Values: formed early in life …answers the questions : ”What are some of the things that are important to you in life”?…..we are most in flow when we work aligned to our values

Identity: Your answer to the question who are you …”I m …… an ……”

Environments : Foundational ..what is your physical,mental,relational,work environments like ? Again …these can be changed

A System:







Formulas For Change:

R Reduce Resistance/Fear of change

D Increase dis-satisfaction with status quo

V Increase brightness of future by working with you

F Show then First Step (or next step forwards)

Cash Flow Quadrant:

Employee: Has a job

Self Employed: Owns a job

Business Owner: Owns a system

Investor: Money makes money

Above/Below The Point of your personal power:

Be a victor not a victim

Be transparent not closed

Be an energy gainer not an energy drainer

Ask how can we rather than say why we can’t


Business Owner Reach: If you have to touch every aspect of your business then it will only grow to extent of your own arm reach !

Your Sweet Spot:

Read Michael Gerber’s Book ”The E Myth revisited”

DISC – Understanding you own and other’s behaviour :

D = Dominant: fast paced,results oriented,direct

I = Influencer: Seeks approval,thinks quickly,lacks focus, likeable ,distracted

S = Stability: Seeks consensus and security,dislikes change,

C= Cautious: Accuracy,compliant,detailed

Innovation is your key copmpetitive advantage in 21st Century

Skill/ fun Matrix: Discover your flow and live there…delegate all else 

Compounding: Success is about growing your BE and your DO …consistently 

Use gravity …increase the mass/clarity of your goals and dreams at the same time growing yourself through knowledge and understanding 

Law Of Precession: Result is at 90 degrees to impact

Communication: The meaning of my communication is the response I get 

Use this as a mirror …if you don’t like people’s response..look again at how you are communicating

I.V.V.M: A framework for your success:

Internalise: Imagine your idealised future

Visualise: Show me on a dream chart

Verbalise: Daily speak your future into being with emotionally charges ”Iam ” or ”I am becoming ” statements

Materialise: Watch your dreams come true and tick them off on your Vision Board

Leaders are learners

Leader should adapt their style dependent on the competency and commitment of the. person relative to the task you are assigning to them : Direct,Coach,Support or Delegate

Be aware of :

The Rescuer

The Victim

The Persecutor



New Style selling ……with digital world 75% of buying decisions are  made before people meet you face to face

It’s now who you know …It’s who knows you …can they find you ?

Or reality is determined by the meaning we give to events and relationships.

Good news is we can tell ourselves a different story about any event