So, How Much Does Business Coaching Cost in UK?

Q1. Some of the factors that increase the cost of Business Coaching ?

  1. Specifically tailored 121 coaching face to face with a very experienced Coach
  2. You want the coaching to take place on site at your specified location
  3. Frequency of coaching sessions whether,weekly,fortnightly,monthly ,quarterly or annually
  4. Speed of growth and transformation
  5. Number of people in your organisation you want to be coached
  6. Your need for additional training eg management,leadership,team workshops,sales training, financial analysis
  7. Specific results based coaching
  8. Level of increase in value of business expected
  9. Track record of the Coach
  10. The coach has a large central overhead that needs recovering

Q2. Some of the factors that reduce the cost of the Coaching:

  1. Coaching as part of a group with other business owners cheaper than 121
  2. Zoom/Phone  coaching cheaper
  3. Lower frequency of sessions
  4. Level of expertise required of the coach
  5. Can training be delivered online by self- learning modules
  6. Low level of accountability …mostly training/teaching only
  7. Low overhead base for the coach

Q4. Why are some Business Coaching companies  more expensive than others?:

  1. Different companies have different ideas as to what coaching actually is
  2. Some clients really want counsellor or a therapist  just o let them ”offload”
  3. Many ”so-called coaches” have never actually run a business
  4. Some companies guarantee business  cash and profit improvement results as a direct result  of their coaching
  5. Some  Coaching companies include increase in business value as part of their coaching
  6. Our ideal client is someone who wants to survive,thrive,prosper,g row,scale sustainably and work less hours ….this is demonstrably achieveable ,with an appropriate investment level

Q4 Why are some Coaching Companies Cheap ?

  1. Some Business Coaching is heavily subsidized by the Government
  2. Some coaching is sponsored by Banks
  3. Some coaches have never run businesses or come from a non-business background
  4. One man bands run from home with no support network

Q5 Where does Andrew  fit in ? 

  1. Andrew is unique as he is  a pioneer in the Business Coaching Industry in Yorkshire and Lincolnshire who invests at least 5 hours per week on personal development
  2.  As a qualified chartered Accountant and with 20 years in hands-on commercial roles Andrew is a ”no-nonsense” Business Coach , passionately committed to transforming businesses in the Yorkshire and Lincolnshire region
  3. Andrew’s clients are truly cared for and Andrew’s involvement  is 100% and committed to seeing my clients achieving their life and business goals through developing their business as a vehicle
  4. Andrew believes that ” being in business should give you more life”.
  5. For start-ups Andrew’s entry level 90 Day Planning is £75+VAT per month
  6. Smaller business Group Coaching is £475+VAT per month
  7. Andrew’s 121  Business Owner and Executive Coaching ranges from £750 – £5,000 + VAT per month …depending on number in team being coached.
  8. Enterprise level coaching which focuses on growing sustainable  shareholder value is by special arrangement  and includes a % for Business Value Growth.


With an inbuilt guarantee and a proven track record, Andrew’s clients are typically people who have

  1. A great attitude
  2. Want to learn and grow
  3. Happy to invest in the themselves and their people as well as fixed assets !
  4. Open to fresh thinking
  5. Enjoy the focus and accountability
  6. Enjoy banter on the way
  7. Can see a clear Return On Investment at the outset
  8. Keep commitments
  9. Pay in time
  10. Stay the course !