; Testimonials From Business Coaching Clients - Andrew Cussons

See the testimonials of a selection of business coaching clients from over the years.

Matt Plowman, Managing Director,Plowman Brothers,York

“…Andrew’s coaching helped to bring me fresh perspective and insights.

The net asset value of our company has increased by over £500,000 and we are well positioned to expand into Europe.”

Simon Wilson, Managing Director, Express Data , Leeds

“I was stuck in my business and reached a glass ceiling I couldn’t push through until I met Andrew.

He changed my life, my thinking, my identity and the benefits have been in all areas of my life. My business has been growing 20% year on year for the last 4 years.”

Guy Smalley, former Managing Director  Goldcrest Chemicals, Barnsley

“When I met Andrew I had been in the business 20 years and couldn’t see the wood for the trees!

Through Andrew’s coaching I grew a leadership team, my business has tripled in value, it runs without me and I now live in Portugal…


Louise O’Brien, Managing Director, and now Owner, Greyhound Boxes, Leeds

“Andrew’s coaching helped me develop from Operations Manager to becoming Managing Director. We are now experiencing record profits.”

Rags Davenport, Sunglass Time (Europe), Harrogate

“Andrew helped us increase our sales conversion rate by 8% across 23 stores in 6 countries. We increased sales by £450,000 and increased our gross margin by £355,000. Return on my coaching investment was huge and I had great fun whilst doing it.”

Jonathan Batchelor,  Managing Director Ramus Seafoods, Harrogate and Ilkley

“We learnt a lot from Andrew about building business systems and a brilliant recruiting & induction process that’s saved us £thousands.

…We also learnt a lot around management, leadership and communication. We now have a business that is systemised and scalable, which has helped us attract VC investment for significant growth.”

Lynn and  Kevin, Driffield Mobility. Joint Managing Directors, Driffield

”’Andrew has supported us for 3 years with a structured approach and we measure financial progress and company valuation every 90 Days. We have grown so much as people and now have the confidence to drive the business to new levels. All this whilst reducing hour spent in the business significantly .

We are working less hours and making a lot more money and have more FUN in our lives”

We highly recommend Andrew’s services



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