PRO-Active 17-Pivot Point Checklist


These are fast-paced, daily-changing times UK business owners are experiencing. Never-seen-before mandates and societal changes that require business owners to structure their businesses and teams differently, engage their customers creatively and reallocate resources in an unprecedented manner. There is far less tolerance for Trial & Error due to how fast the marketplace is changing.


Check all the areas below where your business must make adjustments, shifts and pivots now.  Your Team at ActionCOACH will guide you to quickly navigate these changes.


If you are to come out of this stronger than you went in, what must you focus on now?


  1. Mindset & Perspective – Elevate it and Focus Forwards
  2. Business Structure
  3. How you engage your customers and interact with the market
  4. How you deliver products/services to your customers
  5. Potential of team working from home temporarily
  6. What & how do you shift your offerings to the marketplace?
  7. How does the business help your customers & team members feel more secure in Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs / Robbins’ 6 Human Needs
  8. What are the different tasks/activities that have to be done with the adjustments & pivots identified?
  9. How can you reallocate current talent (team members) into the new tasks, activities and responsibilities? May be a matter of team members having a new mix of tasks, activities and responsibilities – keeping some of the prior and adding new.
  10. What skills, processes and systems training must be developed & implemented?
  11. What adjustments must be made to the KPIs of the business, departments and team members?

11a. What are the new standards for each KPI? (The “no less than” number)

11b. What are the new activities?

11c. How much of those activities need to be accomplished daily, weekly, etc.?

11d. What are the outcomes from the activities? (Results)

11e. Update team member score cards

11f. Communicate new score cards to team members

11g. Train on new score cards and activities

  1. Adjust team member compensation plans if necessary, based upon revised roles, activities & outcomes.
  2. What is the USP/WIIFM focused communication to marketplace to inform them of changes made to be proactive to changing marketplace needs?
  3. Communicate the changed offerings, way of doing business, etc. to:

14a. Existing customers

14b. Former customers

14c. Potential and existing Strategic Alliance/Host Beneficiary Partners

14d. Past & Current Prospects

14e. New Target Markets

  1. Cost Structure: Turn costs into profits – get team members in overhead areas to drive sales & profits
  2. Re-Solution – What could you do that you have never attempted in the past?
  3. Reallocate Resources (See separate checklist of “15 Resource Reallocation Areas”)


Adapt to Change through a Pro-Active ActionPLAN so your business survives and THRIVES!