Here’s a summary of key points to consider when leading remotely. DO contact me if you’d like to discuss how you can pivot to adopting a more flexible leadership approach to increase your chances of surviving and thiriving


1. Leadership first,location second

2. Leading remotely requires you to lead differently

3. Working remotely changes interpersonal dynamics

4. Use technology as a tool not a barrier

5. Leadership requires focus on :Outcomes,Others.Ourselves

6. Leading successfully requires achieving goals of many types

7. Focus on achieving goals not just setting them

8. Coach your team,regardless of where they work

9. Platinum Communication Rule : Treat others as they wish to be treated

10. Leading successfully requires an understanding of what people are thinking not just doing

11. Building trust at a distance doesn’t happen by accident

12. Identify the leadership results you need

13. Maximize a tool’s capability or you’ll minimize your effectiveness